Great Cycle Challenge 2020 Final Ride!!

This year, I elected to participate in the Great Cycle Challenge. This challenge challenges cyclists to ride a mileage goal of their choosing, raising funds for research and treatments for pediatric cancers.

I’ve not done much serious riding over the past few years, and have really felt the need to get back on my bike, and thought this might be a good way to do it, and to raise funds for a worthy goal.

My goal for the month was 150 miles for the month of September. As I approached my goal, I decided I wanted to hit my goal on the Cardinal Greenway, based in Muncie. I was on the founding board of this greenway many years ago, so it seemed a fitting place to finish.

September 26 dawned clear and cool. Before heading up to Muncie, about an hour north of us here in Indy. We stopped at our favorite Indy breakfast spot, Rize, for breakfast before hitting the road. Holly chose the Salmon Toast, and I, the traditional farm eggs breakfast.

Upon arriving in Muncie, we parked at the White River Greenway extension and rode along the river for several miles, before picking up the Cardinal Greenway. There are some great views of the river along this route!

We stopped for lunch at Amazing Joe’s in Muncie, then back on the trail! Riding through Muncie, after about 10 miles we stopped for a quick breather and water break at Mansfield Park on the south side of Muncie.

From there, it was south to the Medford Trailhead. There used to be a town at Medford, but there is nothing there now, it’s largely farmland. But it was here that I hit my 150 mile goal for the month, and I was pretty happy about that!

This reststop/trailhead has some very nice artwork in the shelter!

From there, it was time to mount back on our bikes and head about to the car, about a 15 mile ride. The farmland scenery is beautiful and we really enjoyed our ride!

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