Buckler Non Alcoholic Beer Review

I’ve been exploring the world of non alcoholic beers lately. It’s a new world to me. I was aware of O’Doul’s, of course, but didn’t realize there were so many other varities out there.

The question I get is “Why would you drink non alcoholic beer?” and the BEST answer is “Is it any of your business?”, but I really do try to avoid being a smark aleck (usually). There are many reasons, actually. Maybe you’re pregnant (I’m not, BTW) or maybe you’re taking a medication that doesn’t interact well with alcohol. Maybe you know you’re gonna be driving, or you may be avoiding alcohol for any number of reasons. Whatever the reason, there are several choices out there.

I discovered Buckler at a new store in Indy called Total Wine, which is kind of a liquor superstore, with an emphasis on wine, but they also carry spirits, beer, snacks and more. It’s a very cool place!

Buckler is imported from Holland, and is made by Heineken, which I didn’t know. It’s a little “thinner” than I recall normal beer being, but it’s got a really nice taste. Definitely a lager taste. It’s nice and crisp, and quite refreshing! I liked it quite a lot. For those times when one might want to avoid alcohol, whether long or short term, for whatever reason, I think this is a nice substitute.

As mentioned before, I found this at Total Wine in Indianapolis. I’m not sure who else carries it in the area, but it’s available for ordering from several different outlets.

I think I’ll explore and review the world of non alcoholic beers a bit more! This was a nice change of pace from my normal iced tea and coffee!

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