About me!

Hi, I’m Rick, N9GSU, and I live in Indianapolis! My life has been one grand adventure after the other, and it continues to this day.

I’ve been a ham radio operator for 30+ years, and I also enjoy Geocaching, Cycling, and discovering new, quirky, odd, ,and out of the way places.

In ham radio, my interests tend to center around Parks on the Air, Portable and Special Event Station operating, and APRS/Skywarn.

Geocaching, I tend to favor cemetery caches, park/wilderness type caches, and those that take me to places with cultural or historic significance.

Bicycling, I just like to ride. Anywhere, anytime, and I’m thankful to live in an area with so many wonderful multi use paths/trails.

With my wife, Holly, well—you just never know where we’ll end up. I’m glad you’re along for the adventure!

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