Asa Bales—an inspiration to me

Up in the town of Westfield, there’s Asa Bales park. We’ve visited there several times, to get a Geocache and just take in nature. I’ve always thought it was an odd name for a park, but only recently learned it was named for a person—Asa Bales. Asa was born in North Carolina in 1795, Met his wife Suzanna, and they moved to Indiana in 1822. They spent a few years in Mooresville, which had a congregation of the Friends (Quaker) Church, and moved to Westfield in 1832. I’ll admit that I don’t know too much and the Friends society, also … Continue reading Asa Bales—an inspiration to me

Chicken Basil Stir Fry, a healthy eating recipe

Holly made this for dinner the other night, and it was fantastic! Several folks have asked for the recipe, so here it is! Ingredients (2 person serving) 1/2 cup Jasmine rice 6oz Green Beans 1/2 ounce Thai basic 1 Lime 1 Chili pepper 1 Tbsp corn starch 4 Tblsp sweet soy glaze 2 Tblsp Sweet Thai chili sauce 10 oz Chicken Breast Strips 1 Tblsp garlic powder 1 Tblsp vegetable oil 1 Tblsp butter Prep and cooking Rice In a bowl, combine rice, 3/4 cup of water, and a big pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat … Continue reading Chicken Basil Stir Fry, a healthy eating recipe

Great Cycle Challenge 2020 Final Ride!!

This year, I elected to participate in the Great Cycle Challenge. This challenge challenges cyclists to ride a mileage goal of their choosing, raising funds for research and treatments for pediatric cancers. I’ve not done much serious riding over the past few years, and have really felt the need to get back on my bike, and thought this might be a good way to do it, and to raise funds for a worthy goal. My goal for the month was 150 miles for the month of September. As I approached my goal, I decided I wanted to hit my goal … Continue reading Great Cycle Challenge 2020 Final Ride!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Oatmeal Bake

As you know, we’ve been working on living a healthier lifestyle. I’m fortunate that my wife is an outstanding cook, and loves to experiment in the kitchen, and I get to also reap the benefits! Through our friend Jennifer Pendleton, we became aware of the website In his own words, Mason is a southerner, making healthier comfort foods and high protein desserts. This is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Oatmeal bake. I encourage you to check out his website for more ideas! Now, on to the recipe! The recipe calls for vanilla with added cocoa powder. But feel free … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Oatmeal Bake

Big Mac Salad, a healthy eating recipe

Last night, Holly made Big Mac salad for dinner, and several folks on twitter were asking for the recipe. It’s become one of our favorite meals, and weighs in at only 260 calories per serving, as opposed to roughly 570 for a traditional Big Mac. And, to us, the flavor is there! It satisfies the craving without being “heavy”. So, without further ado, here’s the recipe. 2 T. diced onion 5 oz. 95-97% lean ground beef 2 T. Reduced calorie thousand island dressing. 1/8 t. white vinegar1/8 t. onion powder 3 c. shredded romaine lettuce 2 T. reduced fat shredded … Continue reading Big Mac Salad, a healthy eating recipe

Restaurant Review: Kona Grill, Carmel, IN

Kona Grill is a smaller chain of restaurants with location scattered around a dozen or so states, including one in Carmel, Indiana. From their website: Kona Grill has a passion for fresh.  Fresh ingredients.  Fresh ideas.  Fresh experiences.  Every innovative dish is crafted using carefully sourced and hand-selected fish, meats and produce.  Our hand-crafted cocktails, more than 40 sauces, and our tempting desserts are all made in-house from scratch every day.  It’s an approach we call Kona Crafted.  Every detail matters. Since opening our doors in 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona, we have strived to make every experience exceptional. I had never … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Kona Grill, Carmel, IN

Backyard Wildlife Certification in progress!

My wife, Holly, and I have been aware of the Backyard Wildlife Certification for some years now. Because we’ve always kept a quite hectic performing schedule, we’ve not been home much over the past few years. With COVID-19, we are finding ourselves with more time on our hands, and decided to start getting our yard ready for certification. Administered by the National Wildlife Federation, your yard has to meet 5 criteria for certification….food, water, cover, places to raise young, and you have to practice sustainable practices—recycling, composting, etc. We’ve always been avid bird and wildlife watchers/feeders, so we were off … Continue reading Backyard Wildlife Certification in progress!

POTA Activation, and Hiking, Mounds State Park 7/13/2020

Mounds State Park is Indiana’s smallest state park. Located in Anderson, Indiana, about 45 minutes North of Indy, it’s a lovely park with some great hiking opportunities. On this day, we were visiting for two reasons—to hike trails 1 and 2 (which form a loop), and to activate the park for the ham radio Parks on the Air program. It was an unseasonably pleasant day for mid July–temps in the low 80’s and low humidity, so back in the woods it was a quite pleasant day for hiking. The trail starts near the Bronnenburg House, which has been maintained as … Continue reading POTA Activation, and Hiking, Mounds State Park 7/13/2020

Row to Hoe–an original song about my father

My father was an interesting character. Started his life by losing his mother when he was 9, went to work in the coal mines of East Tennessee as a young teenager, off to WWII at 18 (barely), back to the coal mines. At some point, he’d had enough. Enough of 14-18 hour work days in the dirty mine, being paid in scrip that was only good at the company store, and he saw no way out. He heard about this magical town in Indiana called Muncie, where union factory jobs were plentiful. Muncie had factories owned by Borg Warner, Chevrolet, … Continue reading Row to Hoe–an original song about my father

What’s the future of the music business?

Some of you know that for the last 40+ years I’ve been a professional musician. I’ve played festivals, state fairs, Irish pubs, concert halls, theaters, and just about every type of venue you might imagine. Covid-19 has just about ended that way of life for folks like me—non superstars, who play 150-200 dates a year, stay plenty busy but no one has heard of. A fellow musician, Deren Nay, has put some thoughts together and I think they’re worth a read. In the words of Deren Ney about Live Nations plan for the future of Live Shows This is what … Continue reading What’s the future of the music business?