POTA Activation, and Hiking, Mounds State Park 7/13/2020

Mounds State Park is Indiana’s smallest state park. Located in Anderson, Indiana, about 45 minutes North of Indy, it’s a lovely park with some great hiking opportunities. On this day, we were visiting for two reasons—to hike trails 1 and 2 (which form a loop), and to activate the park for the ham radio ParksContinue reading “POTA Activation, and Hiking, Mounds State Park 7/13/2020”

POTA Activation: Whitewater Canal State Historic Site

There are so many facets to Ham Radio, and that’s one reason I love this hobby so much. You can chase DX, storm spot, work digital modes, contest, the list goes on and on. Like me, you can have more than your fair share of ADD (which I am NOT making light of—it’s true, IContinue reading “POTA Activation: Whitewater Canal State Historic Site”

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