Moritz non alcoholic beer

I’ve’ really been enjoying exploring the world of non alcoholic beers. You know, it wasn’t too many years ago that you had one choice— O’Doul’s, but now there are several companies that are making on alcoholic beers. For those of us who choose not to drink alcohol–for whatever reason, it’s a great move!

Moritz is brewed in Barcelona, where they’ve been brewing beers since 1856. With that kind of history behind them, they’ve learned a thing or two about brewing, and it shows in this beer.

The scent is nice, and not overly hoppy.—just a hint of hops in the aroma. And the taste is outstanding! I really like this—it just might be my favorite since I’ve starting trying NA beers. The two words that come to mind are “light” and “crisp”. The texture and flavor are both light–nothing overshadows any taste, and the texture and flavor are both crisp. With a couple of other NA beers, I’ve noticed a bit of an aftertaste, but that’s not the case here. I like it a lot! Would I buy this again? Absolutely, 100% yes.

We found this at Total Wine and More on the north side of Indianapolis. I attempted to find a website for Moritz, but was unable to. I did find several sources where you can order it online if you wish to give it a try.

Clausthaler Grapefruit non alcoholic beer

I had not intended to do two NA Beer reviews back to back, but we’d been doing a little yard work this afternoon, in preparation for a snowstorm headed our way, had this in the fridge, and it seemed like a good time to relax and try something new.

Clausthaler is a German brewery that seems to brew exclusively non alcoholic beer. Certainly a niche market, Their website says they are the “most awarded taste in non alcoholic, so they’re obviously doing something right.

This is my first time trying any fruity flavored beer. As a matter of fact, I’ve been avoiding doing just that, because, in my mind, fruit and beer just don’t seem to “go” together. I just couldn’t seem to wrap around it, At our recent trip to Total Wine and More, I spied this and decided to give it a try.

It’s an interesting drink and I like it quite a lot! A mixture of malt and grapefruit juice, it has a nice mixture of sweet and sour flavors. It’s very “crisp” in texture, and was the perfect refreshing treat after some yard work.

I definitely think of this as a summertime treat beer. With the sweet and sour combinations of flavor, I expect it would pair VERY well with BBQ–I can see it being perfect with ribs or brisket.

If I had to describe this beer in one word, it would be “refreshing”. I’m not sure how much I’ll be drinking this in the dead of winter, but in the heat of the warmer months, I can see it being one of my go to drinks.

You can find Clausthaler online at

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