Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini Sandwich Review

Sometimes for lunch, you just want something quick and hot. You might be pressed on time, you might just be too tired to cook, or anything else, but you just want to stick something in the microwave and be done with it.

I’m a big fan of several of the Lean Cuisine Dishes, but I don’t believe I’ve ever had their Chicken Club Panini.

I really enjoy the Lean Cuisine pizzas, and the meatloaf isn’t bad at all! there are a few other ones I like, so I decided to give this one a try.

It comes with chunks of chicken and assorted other dressings on it. In the box, there’s a foil-type plate to put the sandwich on to make it crispy and give it that panini texture.

Issue is, it didn’t work very well. Although the flavor was OK on this sandwich (not great, just OK) the bread was soggy. I followed the instructions on the box, but it just didn’t work well. As you can see from the pictures, it looked decent enough.

Although the taste was OK, I think I’ll pass on this one from now on. The texture just didn’t do it for me. I’ll continue to try some new things interspersed with my favorites.

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